I freaking love Halloween. Let me say that again in all caps: I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

Ever since I was a kid, I always looked forward to Halloween. A day where you can dress up all crazy and there would be no question of your sanity. You can have fun, get scary, and be creative with your looks. The weirder, the better. Also, there is candy. But, I just really like the dressing up part.

Most years, I just have one or two costumes for Halloween. But this year, I found myself in a predicament. Every weekend, there was a Halloween party or event. I surely didn't want to wear the same costume to all of them because, well, each event had a different audience or feel to it. Plus, why not have some fun and get into the spirit of the holiday all month long. I mean, some people do Christmas for months, why not Halloween for the length of October?

So, I did. I had four costumes. It was a lot of fun to go to the events knowing that the next one, I would do something different. Now, before you freak out on how much money I spend on my costume, I didn't spend a lost and most of the stuff I already had or I bought at Goodwill and made tweaks or adjustments.

I like to do not the common characters, and one of my costumes was from the 90s cult classic movie, "Tank Girl". Some got it, but what sent me over the moon was the actual actress who played the charter totally dug it and 'liked' it on Twitter:

I know! So, from here on out, I plan to continue this tradition of having more than one costume for Halloween. It was a great creative outlet for me. I know you might not be as big of a Halloween fan as I am, but I suggest that you do attempt to do more than one costume. Because it made the whole month of October way more fun than waiting for just one day to get a little weird.

Happy Halloween Month 'erybody!