It's been a little hard to keep up lately. Is Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno? If that happens, who will fill Fallon's time slot? Why did Ann Curry really leave 'The Today Show'? and speaking of NBC's 'The Today Show', is Matt Lauer out now as well?

It seems that Lauer, 55, was ready to switch networks last year when reports surfaced that Ryan Seacrest was being groomed to replace him on 'The Today Show' reports today's edition of 'New York Magazine'. We now know that Matt Lauer did not defect to rival network ABC, opting instead to stay with NBC for $25 million a year. There are recent reports, though, that claim that his contract will not be renewed next year. Who will replace Matt on 'The Today Show'? Possible prospects are rumored to include NBC's Willie Geist And David Gregory of 'Meet The Press'.
Where do you get your fix of morning television? Is it 'Good Morning America' or 'The Today Show'? If Matt Lauer's contract isn't renewed, will you still watch 'The Today Show'?