Hundreds of you responded to this story on our Facebook page yesterday. The son, Sergio, explains why he did what he did.

According to Sergio Irey’s mother, the 21-year-old Florida man is unemployed, lives at home rent-free, does not help out with household chores or bills, has allowed his college grades to plummet, and “spends all his time with a girl who is a bad influence on him".

Rocio and Sergio were arguing about his reported layabout ways in their Sarasota home. Rocio(mom) told police that she became angered at her son, because he was not listening to her, he was back talking to her and he was being disrespectful by interrupting her and ignoring her.

So a frustrated Rocio slapped her son across the face twice.  Sergio who later acknowledged his childish behavior responded by calling the police. Here's why Sergio called the police.. '"because I became scared of her and didn’t know what else to do.”

Sergio was uninjured by the slaps, Florida state law required that “the aggressor be arrested” for domestic battery. So Rocio, mom,  was handcuffed and transported to the county jail, where she remains locked up. Sergio..the son and victim has no money to bail her out.

Does that change the way you feel about Sergio?