At first, the negative comments and internet shaming that Mallory Torres took for letting her daughter ride on the back of a motorcycle really bothered her. But now, the Corpus Christi mom is fighting back, saying that her kids are everything to her, and letting haters know that she's done nothing wrong.

The family gained almost instant attention when someone snapped a picture of Torres' 7-year-old daughter riding on the back of her boyfriend's bike. The picture went viral, and many have criticized the woman, saying she's endangering her child.

Torres tells KRIS that her daughter is always fully protected when she rides, wearing a helmet, gloves, and protective gear. According to Texas law, children over the age of 5 are allowed to ride on the back of a motorcycle, as long as a helmet is worn.

Torres tells the TV station that she's disappointed that the photo has opened her up to scrutiny and mom shaming.

"My kids are my life and I do everything I can for my kids. And for anybody, especially somebody that doesn't know me, to say that I'm a bad parent, that's .. ya know, I try so hard to be a good parent and to be called a bad parent, that just gets to me really bad." | Continuous News Coverage | Corpus Christi