How would you react if this was your mom?

Bernice, an 85 year old resident of East End Nursing Home looks like she's enjoying herself as she stuffs dollar bills in to the waistband of a male stripper's pun intended.

Her son, on the other hand, is furious and he's suing the nursing home for millions of dollars in punitive damages. Franklin said, "To see this big goon standing over my mother like this, this here is the worst thing I even seen in my life." He maintains that his mother was forced to attend the activity and that she was "swindled" out of her money.

An attorney for East End Nursing Home defends the male stripper visit. "They requested it. They approved it. They wanted the activity." The nursing home says that a committee of 16 residents approved the male strip show.

Gentlemen residents of East End Nursing Home have not been left out. A recent adventure took them to the local Hooter's and it wasn't for their delicious food. They wanted to enjoy the waitresses' little crop tops and super tight short shorts.

You might be surprised to know that male strip shows are not uncommon in nursing homes, as dancers perform for women in their seventies, eighties, and even their nineties.

Is this an appropriate activity for nursing home residents?

All of the details are in the video below.

Here is another video from the Associated Press.