Our family cat went missing Saturday evening.  Joslyn is a black and white cat with a pink nose.  She hates to be picked up because she was abused when she was a kitten.  She has been with me since I adopted her in 1999, she's now pushing 14 years old, and doesn't wear a collar because she is not an outdoor cat.

With the high heat and a chance of thunderstorms this week, I thought I'd reach out for some help in bringing her home because we are all so worried and don't want her outside in the high heat and rain, as she is not used to it.  I have already contacted the Humane Society and Grand Blanc Township Police.

She was last seen around 8:00pm Saturday night by my neighbor, who didn't know we had a cat.  Otherwise, she would have notified us and taken her in until we got back home, just a short 10 minutes later.  We are in an apartment complex between Center Road and Genesee Road on Hill Road.

She has been outside since at least 4:30 Saturday afternoon, and has never been gone this long.  If you have any information, please e-mail me, Jeremy@WCRZ.com, or call my home business line at 1(858)6-FENCOM, which will ring my cell, my wife's cell and our home phone.  Thanks for taking the time to help us bring one of our family members home.

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UPDATE 7/25 4:54pm  -  I want to thank everybody for your help!  I had three possible leads today, but nothing panned out.  Please continue to look for her.   We haven't lost faith yet!  Thanks again!  I've known for years that Cars 108 listeners are the BEST!

UPDATE 11/14 7:30pm - After several months and a 15-mile move across the county, our cat Joslyn is still M.I.A.  I hope she found a new home with people who love her half as much as I do.  Thanks again for all your help!