Milwaukee Area Technical College launched the MATC Promise, a new initiative that will provide free college tuition and fees for eligible high school graduates. Learn more at

Posted by Milwaukee Area Technical College Promise on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A technical college in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has announced that they will offer free tuition for low-income students.

Milwaukee Area Technical College announced the MATC Promise yesterday, which will provide free tuition for students who meet eligibility requirements.

The program will launch in the fall of next year, and will be available to eligible high school students graduating in 2016. The list of requirements includes attendance and GPA, along with income eligibility.

I know that the President is working on this right now - free community college education. I'm the perfect example, though, of somebody caught in between. When I applied for federal aid for college, they based it off of my dad's income, even though I was an adult. And guess what? Because of his income, I wasn't eligible for anything but high-interest loans, even though my parents were not paying for my education. And now I'll be paying off those loans until I'm well into my forties.

I feel like this is a small step in a very long marathon. I don't know if this is the answer, but at least it's a start, I suppose.