When you've got a chance to change your image - take it! If you want to make the news just attend and event with 82 year-old strippers and then start a brawl. It's all in a days fun for Miley Cyrus.

Is this how you get people to talk about you? She was reportedly involved in a club skirmish, but her representatives claim that the report was  "completely false and erroneous."

TMZ reports that Cyrus was a suspect in a criminal battery case, that was based on a victim claiming he had an altercation with her fiance  Liam Hemsworth. Words were exchanged and an argument ensued.

The Aussie actor reportedly got in the victims face and that's when Miley got involved to try and calm the situation. There were reports that she pushed and struck the victim in the face in the aftermath, even though there were no visible injuries or marks on him.

A witness said Cyrus never threw a punch. What a little brawler if she did, though!

Miley was enjoying a wild evening out while she and her sweetie enjoyed entertainment provided by an 82-year-old stripper. The show is billed as the world's oldest stripper. Seems like a show Miley wouldn't want to miss, huh?

See for yourself below.

Watch Miley Cyrus Taking in an 82-Year-Old Stripper Show