After you treat yourself to this commercial for 'Mike's Golf Shop', you'll certainly remember one thing:  Mike's Golf Shop buys golf clubs! This little gem may also leave you reminiscent of a time when the late Al Kessel would rattle off prices while he tossed groceries in between segments of 'The Wonder Years' and 'L.A. Law'.

Mike Mixson is the owner of Mike's Golf in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He began to grab the Internet's attention in October with a self-made commercial which he supposedly recorded with his cellphone. (Second video below)

But first, take a look at Mike's followup. Mike puts his message to song (first video), because some people weren't quite sure what they do down there at the golf shop. (Really? How did they not get it?)

Low budged, no frills advertising. Mr. Kessel would have been proud.

- George McIntyre
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