Justin Kievit, a middle-school wrestler in Brentwood, Tennessee, is being applauded for his selflessness after letting fellow wrestler Jared Stevens, who has severe cerebral palsy, win his first match.

As Stevens lay on the mat, 13-year old Kievit maneuvered around him, and gently slid his body underneath his opponent's, allowing the disabled boy to pin him. As you'll see in the video, it was a big crowd pleaser!

Personally, I give Kievit a lot of credit. For an adolescent to make such a compassionate move speaks volumes about his character.

Yet I've heard criticism of Stevens' parents for allowing their special-needs son to be on the school's wrestling team, thus putting his teammates in an awkward position.

I'm interested in your take. Let us know in the comments section if you think Justin did the right thing, and whether or not it's right for special-needs kids to be included in mainstream school sports.


- George McIntyre
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