This is not only for safety but to help teachers deliver the day's lesson.

Bangor Township is recognizing that school safety is a top priority to a quality education. Safety is also being figured into the reasoning. A camera will be mounted in the ceiling and it has 4 lenses on it so you can view the classroom in a variety of ways.

The district is spending 90-thousand state dollars for what's called the "safe system". They'll mount cameras in more than 25 elementary, middle and high school classrooms by April. Each camera is controlled by a pendant worn by the teacher.

Each camera is equipped with a panic button that sounds an alarm. The device will allow police officers responding to an incident an immediate video feed as well. The cameras also aide in learning. Teachers can record their lessons for self-reflection as well allow parents to watch the lesson online to help their children with homework.

I noticed the words "state money".....does that mean we could get a few here in Genesee county?