Young people in Michigan blame cheap wages abroad, high taxes, and excessive regulations in the US for loss of jobs to China, according to a poll by Generation Opportunity.

The Michigan-specific survey of young adults ages 18-29 found that "73% of Millennials in Michigan are concerned that so many American jobs are going to foreign competitors like China." 67% indicated that lowering taxes should be the first step toward keeping jobs in the US.

When asked why they thought American jobs are going to foreign countries like China, 18-29 year old respondents in Michigan gave the following reasons:

  • 79% - Cheaper wages overseas;
  • 41% - High taxes on businesses in the US;
  • 31% - Too much regulation on businesses in the US;
  • 26% - Lack of opportunities to start and grow businesses in the US;
  • 1%   - I do not think US jobs are going overseas;
  • 5%   - Do not know/cannot judge

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- George McIntyre
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