You never know who is reading your Facebook page. Colleen Cudney found this out the hard way. The 22-year-old was put on probation for a drunken driving conviction in 2012. It was the day after St. Patrick's Day when Colleen Cudney was called in for a random breathalyzer test. Oh Boy!

After Cudney took the test at the probation office in Westland, she logged on to Facebook and started writing, here's what she said: “Buzz killer for me, I had to breathalyze (sic) this morning and I drank yesterday but I passed thank god lol my dumba@@."

A Westland police officer saw her post that morning and notified the probation office. When a probation officer called Cudney to return to the office for an urine test, she hung up the phone.Bad move..Probation officials say that was a violation of her probation. It was set to end in a few weeks.

Cudney is due in court on April 1st for a probation hearing. She could be sentenced to 93 days in jail.What do you think, should a little jail time happen?