They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but if you've ever needed proof that furniture left by the curb should stay where it is, I have it for you right here!

A young woman living in Grand Rapids was shocked to see a very large snake emerging from the cushions of a couch that she had picked up a couple of months ago from a curbside trash pile. Holly Wright says that she checked the piece of furniture over pretty well before she put it in her bedroom, but didn't notice any signs of the four foot reptile that was lurking inside. Some reports identify the snake as a python. Other news stories say that it was a boa constrictor.

Wright says that she and her dog frequently sat on the couch while she read and checked e-mails for two months before the snake started to emerge, she thinks because it was sick and hungry.

Find all of the details on this very unexpected house guest in the video below.