Roksana Sikorski will spend the next 10 to 20 years in prison. In October 2014, the then-15-year old plotted to kill the family that had adopted her.

Laurene and Jeff Sikorski welcomed the girl and her two siblings into the Plymouth Township home and adopted the children a decade ago. Although the teen and her adult boyfriend schemed to kill them, the Sikorskis have stood by their daughter, even hiring a lawyer to represent her at trial.

"She's in desperate need of continued psychological help," Laurene Sikorski told the court Monday before sentencing. "She is still fragile, and an adult prison would shatter her delicate world. How will sentencing her as an adult help her? Is this justice?"

Her co defendant, Michael Rivera, was convicted last year on all counts related to case, according to the Detroit Free Press.

WXYZ has more on Sikorski's sentencing in the video below.