I'm not sure that his punishment fits his crime...but I'd be very interested to know what you think.

A Fowlerville, Michigan High School student couldn't figure out why she felt so sick after she had her daily cup of coffee after lunch. "Every afternoon I started getting a really bad pain in my stomach, and I started feeling light-headed and dizzy, and that would be followed by a really bad headache," Mary Aldecoa said. It wasn't until another student revealed that a classmate was putting Visine in her cup of coffee that it began to make some sense.

Aldecoa hopes that poisoning her coffee everyday was just meant to be a harmless school prank, but she wants other high school students to know that putting eye drops into any beverage can have serious consequences such as a drastic drop in blood pressure, coma and seizures.

This teacher of 24 years vows to never leave a cop of coffee on her desk again . "I won't have a coffee cup in the classroom. I just won't," she says.

After a thorough investigation, school officials have handed down just a one year suspension to the student who was responsible for poisoning the coffee cup.

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