This is what our state lawmakers are using their time for, ladies and gents. 

Supporters of the bill say that it could boost tourism. It's expected to be approved by senators today and be sent to the house.

According to the bill, dogs wouldn't be allowed to pass through the restaurant to get to the patio, and they wouldn't be allowed on owners' laps. They'd have to be on a leash, and the patio would have to be free of dog hair.

Look, I'm a HUGE animal lover. I have a dog (pictured above), two cats, a bird, a fish, and Pat has a snake. I love taking my dog with me anywhere and everywhere. Do I disagree with this bill? Not necessarily. I think it might be fun; I'd love to see dogs allowed in more places. But, with all of the problems in Michigan, I can't help but wonder if this is really what they should be using their time for.

Three words: FLINT. WATER. CRISIS. But please, go ahead and pass a law about dogs in restaurants.