After the much heated election, there has been a uptick in bullying and harassment in schools. Michigan's Superintendent urges educators and staff to put a stop to it.

You may have seen the horrible videos online or in the news of students chanting racist epitaphs to fellow students in recent days, especially, it seems, in Michigan. This type of behavior has to stop and will not be tolerated. In a joint letter, obtained by Mlive, from the State Superintendent Brian Whitson and Department of Civil Rights Director Agustin Arbulu, they are urging everyone to stand together against this harassment:

Every administrator, teacher, staff member, parent, guardian, bus driver and student must stand as one in condemning intolerable conduct regardless of message or motivation. [...] Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that every teacher, every staff member and every parent/guardian does what they can to make certain that every student hears this message, and understands that the message is shared by everyone. Waiting for an incident to occur or for a complaint to be filed is not acceptable.