Michigan school districts may be able to forgo adding days to school calendars, in order to make up for an excessive number of snow days this year. Earlier this month, Governor Rick Snyder signed the changes into effect.

Districts that scheduled 175 or more days this academic year will be allowed to hold just 174, as long as the reach the required 1,098 hours of education. Schools will be permitted to count six cancelled days as instructional days, as it was under previous Michigan law. However, districts that scheduled fewer than 175 days may have to add additional days. But schools that do add days will be eligible for state funding if 60 percent of students are in attendance. Normally, 75% of students must attend in order to satisfy requirements for state funding.

We published this list, on April 1st, detailing area schools' last scheduled days for instruction. Some Michigan school districts may decide to alter school calendars, now that the more lenient requirements have been signed into law.

- George McIntyre
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