The teacher says she was fired after she was forced to use a broomstick to try and break up a fight between two teenage boys.

The video shows two male Pershing High School students throwing punches and shoving each other around the classroom. The teacher, Tiffani Eaton, appears to step in by hitting one of the students with a broom. Another student stepped in Eaton was clearly out numbered.

The teacher by the way is only 5 feet 2. The radio she was supposed to use to call security wasn't working her options were limited so she grabbed the broom. The teacher Tiffani Eaton Davis was fired because the school told her she had violated a policy against striking any student.

She plans on getting an attorney because she feels she was unjustly let go. Eaton, 31, has been a teacher for three years. It's her first year at Pershing.