Students at Battle Creek's Lakeview Middle School were ultimately allowed to wear t-shirts honoring their classmate Caitlyn Jackson, who died on Saturday, but only after students and parents protested the school's original plan to ban the memorial shirts.

As students arrived at school Monday, they were forced to turn the orange and blue shirts inside-out, or put duct tape over Caitlyn's name. One student said she received detention for wearing the shirt.

The school cited "research and expert opinion" saying its decision to ban “permanent memorials” was because of the "research-backed belief that memorials can remind students of their grief and, for some, can make it worse."

After students and parents expressed outrage (see video below) for the school's decision, and some took to Facebook to call for the resignation of some school administrators, the school decided to reverse its ban, allowing students to wear the commemorative shirts on Tuesday.

- George McIntyre
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