This is pretty sweet watching kids figure things out, especially robots!

Over the weekend, the Michigan FIRST Robotics Competition State Championship took place in Grand Rapids for over 102 high school robotics teams. The big winners came from Clarkston High School and Huron Valley Schools, along with Macomb Academy of Arts & Sciences and IGNITE Academy in Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools.

The next stop for these teams and about 85 other Michigan teams, is the world competition at the end of month in St. Louis. Michigan has always cleaned up in the world competition winning 14 trophies, more than any other state. Plus, the number of robotics teams in Michigan have grown to about 411.

I got to tell you, I am very excited for the future if high school kids are getting in on the action of robotics and engineering. It's a great combination of working with your hands and brains. Look out world, Michigan robotics is going to take over the world!

**UPDATE** I just learned that my alma mater Davison High School placed 15th in the state! Go 'House of Cards'!

Leigh Madarasz LaForest
via Facebook