The whereabouts of Michigan Legend Casey Kasem are currently unknown, and a judge has ordered an investigator to find out where he is.

The former 'American Top 40' host, who suffers from Parkinson's, has been in and out of various care facilities. Now his children believe their stepmother, actress Jean Kasem, has removed their father from Los Angeles without their knowledge. They are unsure if the Michigan native is even still in the United States.

Attorneys for daughter Kerri Kasem say the radio host has been moved repeatedly, which make it impossible for his children to see him. Documents also accuse wife Jean of elder abuse, as she has isolated her husband from his family.

Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy has ordered an investigator to assess Kasem's medical care, and report his whereabouts back to the court. Kasem's children made an unsuccessful bid to force their stepmother to grant them access to Kasem in 2013.

Kasem, 82, began his radio career in Flint, before becoming the host of the syndicated radio program 'American Top 40' in 1970.

- George McIntyre
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