Go ahead and take down the roadblocks, the guy has been nabbed for liking the finer nail polish in life.

Derek Mihael-Herbert Hill, 26 of Utica, has been found guilty of stealing a massive amount of nail polish from a Lake Orion CVS Pharmacy. Hill is charged with first-degree felony retail fraud because he stole about $1,600 worth of nail polish over two days in the winter. How did he get caught? A family member tipped off the police and claim that he did all this for his former girlfriend seen in the security footage still below:

The Oakland Press

Hill's partner in acrylics is identified as a 30 year-old lady from Farmington Hills and has yet to be located by police. So be on the look out for a gal who has bangin' nails and possibly ready to whip out a quick manicure at the drop of a hat.