When Michigan's drunk-driving law went into effect on September 30, 2003, drivers were considered "drunk" if their blood alcohol content tested .08 or above. However, that law contained a "sunset clause" which means it will expire on October 1st, and the legal limit for drunk driving will automatically return to its pre-2003 level of .10 percent.

Republican Representative Andrea LaFontaine from Saint Clair County doesn't want that to happen. She's introduced House Bill 4093, which if passed, will eliminate the sunset clause and keep the standard for drunk driving at .08.

LaFontaine says that not only would a legal limit of .10 BAC put Michigan out of step with federal legislation, it would decrease the amount of federal funding for Michigan roads.

“The smaller argument is the federal road funding dollars associated with it,” LaFontaine told the Times Herald. “If we were to go back to .10, we would lose about $50 million a year in federal funding.”

A committee vote on the bill is expected this week.

What do you think? Should Michigan keep the standard test for drunk drivers at .08 or revert to its previous .10 BAC level?

- George McIntyre
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