I must admit...I probably would have been one of the people staring and giggling!

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29 year old Brad Cieslowski was enjoying the pool recently after his workout at Lifetime Fitness when a lifeguard approached him and told him that he would have to change into more appropriate attire.

Brad was wearing a square cut speedo and admits that the garment does showcase a particular part of his anatomy, but he quickly points out that a lot of the gym's female customers also wear workout gear that is just as revealing. He said "I can say the same thing about the women around this pool in their bikinis and their one-pieces, showing off every nook and cranny of their body leaving nothing to the imagination but their skin color...I'm not allowed to be myself and wear what I want to wear and it's ridiculous and it's incredibly sexist."

When Cieslowski tried to defend his choice in swimwear things became heated and the lifeguard threatened to call the police.

Lifetime Fitness claims that several gym members complained about Brad's choice of swimwear and they were quick to point to a two-layer house code.

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