As his father received chemotherapy for prostrate cancer one morning in 2006, Dan Dewey made a simple offer.

Who wants coffee, I'm buying?

Read now why this generous Michigan man is receiving lots of national attention for all the right reasons!

Dan Dewey's dad beat cancer, but the coffee deliveries to cancer patients receiving their chemotherapy at two hospitals in the Detroit area continue. Watch Dan's generous spirit in action in the video below.

To date he estimates that he has spent $10,000 of his own money on these twice weekly runs to Starbucks.

Of course coffees and lattes are wonderful, but if you really want a warm feeling in the pit of your stomach, watch Dan's story as it appeared on CBS recently.

Dan vows to continue these coffee runs "with his last breath and last dollar." Keep up with Dan Dewey on his Facebook page, or on his website, dan'