A high school in Michigan suspended 60 seniors, then later rescinded those suspensions after parents and staff were outraged by the school's overreaction to a senior prank. Students at Kenowa Hills High School in Walker decided to forgo traditional senior pranks that often include vandalism, and organized a bike parade.

That's right, a bike parade that led to suspensions, and threats from school administrators that the seniors wouldn't be able to participate in graduation.

Students had a police escort, and even had the support of the city's mayor, who brought them donuts. The school's principal was not on board, upset because the parade caused a two mile backup, and caused teachers and staff to be late for school.

One student recorded her outrage with her cellphone:

"...Get your butts home. You're not participating in senior walk today!"

The senior walk is a tradition in which the school's seniors walk through the halls one last time before graduation. The school has since backed down from its humorless stance, and has rescheduled the senior walk. Students will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.