I think I've hit the jackpot when I find a $5 or $10 left in a pocket and forgotten!

Tyler Gedelian has sorted through his fair share of donated articles of clothing as a manager of the Goodwill Store in Monroe, MI, but nothing quite like this has ever happened in his store before.

Last Wednesday he was going through the pockets of a recently donated suite when he noticed a blue envelope tucked in a pocket. When he looked inside he found cash. Not a $10 or a $20...we're talking $100 bills in bank bands. Gedelian didn't even take the time to count it. He immediately called the police. He said the money was obviously left there by accident and he wanted to make sure that it was returned to its' rightful owner. Keeping the money, he said, was never an option for him.

The stacks of $100 bills totaled more than $43,000!

Police were able to trace the money back to a man who had donated the clothes of an elderly relative.

More details in the video below.