We're finally starting to see gas prices drop, which is a very good sign for drivers. Last week I had to pay $4.25 for a gallon and yesterday prices had already dropped to $3.94 at some local stations. $3.94 is still way too high, but at least it's under $4. According to ABC-12, AAA says this is the first time in 12 weeks where prices have dropped.

I've noticed more of our listeners have been carpooling to work or even riding their bike if they're close enough. How are you trying to save money? The government keeps using international problems as an excuse, but seriously enough is enough.

Rod and I actually have been trying to do our part to help give away some gas cards. The past few weeks we've been out with our Free Fuel Friday event and have been able to giveaway cards at random.

We've decided to continue doing this for the next seven weeks on Friday's, starting May 20. Join us from 7 - 9am at Kia of Grand Blanc in the Al Serra Auto Plaza and you'll have a chance win a gas card. We'll change it every week as to how you can win and it will be random. We figured this would be a great way to help people while prices are ridiculously high.

Check out our gas prices page to find the lowest gas prices near you.