Hunter, a three-month-old Husky mix, gets the credit for saving the Detroit-area family that adopted him just a few weeks ago. They saved his life, he saved theirs.

Tim McLarty of Grosse Pointe Woods tells the Detroit Free Press the flame went out after a stove burner had been left on low when the family cooked dinner. Several hours later, the pup woke his wife Jill. She let him out, but he began whining upon being let back into the house.

"He was in the hallway almost doing circles and then he sat next to the stove and started crying," he said.

As Mrs. McLarty approached the stove, she smelled gas. The couple estimates that gas had been seeping into their home for about six hours.

McLarty told the paper that his family of five nearly adopted Hunter's sibling, but the puppy won them over at the last minute. He says that decision may have saved their lives.
- George McIntyre
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