Three Northern Michigan police officers are getting some much-deserved recognition, after using their own money to buy shoes for children whose parents were caught shoplifting.

Police were summoned to the Walmart in Ludington, after staff members suspected a couple was stealing shoes and hunting supplies. The couple told the the officers they had fallen on hard times, and showed their kids' worn out shoes to the officers. The father said he had hoped to process a deer in order to provide food for the family.

Deputies John Belowski and Kyle Boyd, and Sergeant Adam Lamb weren't looking for any recognition -- they simply pooled their money and purchased shoes for the couple's children.

"I got a hold of them, and they each blamed the other, initially," Sheriff Kim Cole tells WPBN-TV. "So I was kind of getting the run around, which is to be expected. They didn't want any recognition for it and finally they said, 'Look, we just pitched-in our money and bought the shoes. It's no big deal.' Ok. They were just doing their job and then some. And that's what makes us fortunate in this area to have law enforcement officers like we have."

The husband was charged with retail fraud, which is a misdemeanor crime.