Farminton Hills' CVG-SAB is suing Facebook in Flint federal court, over a recently-introduced wish list feature. The kerfuffle centers around the social media giant's new 'Want' button, which directs users to third-party sites where they can buy merchandise.

CVG-SAB introduced a similar feature, called two years ago. The feature allows consumers to create a virtual wish list of desired goods and services for future purchase, and the company claims Facebook's want button has created confusion in the digital world.

Facebook's want button was introduced on a trial basis earlier this month, and CVG-SAB's lawsuit claims it has received numerous inquiries into whether Facebook's new button is related to the Farmington Hills-based company's feature.

The suit is asking the court to force Facebook to cease use of its new feature, profit earned from it thus far, and monetary damages. No court date has been set.

- George McIntyre
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