You, of course, are flawless and perfect! But what about your spouse or partner? Are they guilty of any bad habits that make you crazy? See if that bad habit made a recent survey about the 10 worst bad habits that men and women hate in each other.

Here are some of the results of the survey. Women say that their man is immature, hates to shop and do housework, leaves the toilet seat up and watches too much sports. Men hate that their women shop too much, nag about housework, talk on the phone too much, watch "girly" television shows, and start way too many conversations with "You never listen to me".

David and I have been married for 31 years, and here are some of his flaws. He will stop a conversation with me to answer his cell phone, he works too hard, he's a slob and he leaves the seat up. David would say that I like my dogs better than him, I don't know how to have fun, and I complain too much about the mess in the house.

What about you? How many of the bad habits listed on the survey are you guilty of? What about your partner? Share in the comments section below!