True story, there is an ugliest dog contest. Those of us that are dog owners, think our dog is the cutest thing on four legs, it takes a special kind of person to admit that their dog is ugly. Learn more about Yoda after the jump.

Yoda, a 14-year-old Chinese Crested Chihuahua from Hanford, Ca, has won the dubious accolade of being crowned the World's Ugliest Dog Friday night amongst stiff competition.

But, Yoda's story very nearly didn't have the happy ending that it has as owner Terry Schumacher revealed she found her abandoned and scared out of her wits behind a block of flats.

Terry confessed that at first glance she thought 2 lb Yoda was a rat but on closer inspection she realized her mistake and took the mangy little mutt in and gave her a good and loving home. The rest is history.