Many of you have expressed an interest in the animals on my farm, especially my miniature donkeys Loco and Layla!

Loco came to the farm as a mascot for another station in our cluster, WLCO. The station call letters were the inspiration for his name as well. Loco, who is five years-old, was purchased by the station in 2007 to do parades and special appearances. He needed a place to stay, and I live on a farm, so a partnership was formed. Loco made just one special appearance and that was it for his career in broadcasting. I think the station has forgotten about him, which is fine with me! He is gentle and affectionate, and I am glad to give him a forever home.

Layla by Steph Barber


Donkeys do better in pairs and Loco was lonely, so I bought Layla in 2008. She is a mischievous little donkey! Layla loves to nibble on your fingers and play and her hee-haws are absolutely obnoxious and loud. She recognizes my car, and when I pull into the driveway she starts braying for treats. Both donkeys love apples, carrots and Archway molasses cookies.


Loco and Layla by Steph Barber


Mini donkeys are fantastic pets, and they are not as expensive as people think they are. Watch the video below for information on how to make a mini donkey part of your family.