Just about all dogs are born with the natural ability to swim. Did you know that most dogs do not have the ability to dive under water? Most don't have the desire to go under water. Except Bob, who's obsession with his toys has taken him to new depths.


Watch Bob the diving dog in action after the jump.

Bob is from Bakersfield, California, when it comes to his pool, he does far more than bob in the water. Kristie Navarrette and her family took Bob in as a stray four years ago. Bob has been making a splash ever since, with neighbors, family and friends, as he circles his way down eight feet below the pool's surface.

He's becoming known for his spiral stunt, pawing and clawing and paddling his way down to the depths of the deep end of his family's pool, then coming up for air with his prized toy in his mouth.

So is this canine a rare breed of H2O obsessed pooch or are most dogs drawn to dives like these? According to veterinarian Dr. Ann Hamilton Bob is very rare.

Watch Bob take a dive below.