The city of Los Angeles, California would like to see its' residents become vegetarians. At least one day a week, for starters, and that day will be Monday in accordance with a new resolution passed by the city council recently called 'Meatless Mondays'. Details after the jump.

All future Mondays have been declared 'Meatless Mondays' in Los Angeles as part of an international campaign to cut down on meat consumption for environmental and health reasons. Los Angeles now becomes the largest city to embrace the 'Meatless Monday' campaign, which was launched in 2003 in part by the John Hopkins University's public health school in 2003. The initiative was introduced to the city council by councilwoman Jan Perry and it passed unanimously with a 12-0 vote last Friday. Another council member, Ed Reyes, noted that the council's decision was made "in support of comprehensive sustainability efforts as well as to further encourage residents to eat a more varied plant based diet to protect their health, protect animals and protect the environment.

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Do you think it's right that a city council should try to tell us what we should and should not eat? Would you go for a 'Meatless Monday' here in Flint?