Eighth inning, Rangers and Yankees in Arlington, and Mitch Moreland tosses a foul ball into the stands. It's caught! But the recipients appear to be the most obnoxious couple ever. Not only did they miss a great opportunity to do something nice for a nearby toddler, she taunted the boy as he cried.

They definitely get the d-bag of the year award. Think that's offensive? Wait until you see the video.

At least this story has a happy ending! After Rangers' officials saw the kid crying, they tossed him a ball, but not before Yankees announcer Michael Kay got in a few jabs.

The first video tells most of the story, and the quality is good.

But there's more - check out the second YouTube video. (Sorry the quality is bad.) It goes a bit longer, and you'll hear Kay say, "Once his money's gone, so is she," referring to the neighboring couple. YES!

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