We've lost Chicken Selects and the Angus Burger, but McDonald's has just announced that they will add three new versions of the Quarter Pounder to their menu. They sound pretty appetizing!

Chicken Selects have been gone for awhile and it was announced just last week that McDonald's is discontinuing the 1/3 lb Angus Burger as well. Mourn for a few minutes, if you feel the need, then cheer up. McDonald's is set to launch three new versions of the ever popular Quarter Pounder.

The new sandwiches were tested in restaurants in Sacramento, CA and Toledo, OH over a nine month period. McDonald's expects the new burgers to roll out nationally in mid-June.

The new versions of the Quarter Pounder will include Deluxe, Bacon and Cheese and Habanero Ranch and will feature buns with eight grams of whole grains. Thick cut, apple wood-smoked bacon will be featured on the Bacon and Cheese sandwich.

The first McDonald's Quarter Pounder appeared on the menu back in 1971 and remains a top seller to this day.