I came across this list of secret McDonald's menu items. They're not on the menu boards, but if you ask they will prepare.


If you’re tired of ordering the same old, same old from McDonald’s, I'm about to open your eyes.

The McLand, Sea and Air Burger — For those days when you just can’t decide between a Big Mac, filet o’fish or McChicken, get all the patties on one bun.

Grilled Cheese — Simply request a classic cheeseburger, hold the burger, and you’re left with a delicious grilled cheese. I've done this and it's really good.

Poor Man’s Big Mac — Craving a Big Mac but don’t want to pay full price? Order a McDouble, but omit the pickles and ketchup and instead ask for special sauce, onion, and lettuce. TaDa! You have yourself a mini Big Mac.

Ice Cream Floats — Perfect for those hot summer days, just order a root beer or a coke and ask to add vanilla ice cream to the mix for a float.

The Pie McFlurry — Who can't decide between a warm apple pie and tasty McFlurries for dessert? Now you don’t have to when you order the Pie McFlurry just ask them to blend one of their apple pies in your McFlurry.

McChicken and Waffles — Instead of ordering a sausage patty on your McGriddle, get chicken to make their version of the ever so popular combination of chicken and waffles.

Mc10:35 — Love both breakfast and lunch? Then create your own sandwich  by ordering the Mc10:35. Just time your visit around when both breakfast and lunch items are available (around 10:35am) and order an Egg McMuffin and a McDouble. Take the patties and cheese from the McDouble and slap it on the McMuffin.Bam! You have the Mc 10:35.

McCrepe — Class up your breakfast with McDonald’s version of the French favorite. The McCrepe is made using pancakes as the base and filling it with a yogurt parfait. Add granola if you please for some extra crunch!

These off the board menu items may cost a bit more or less. The person taking your order may seem a little put off by your order, but in most cases they will make it happen. Enjoy.