This guy found a McDonald's regular hamburger that he bought in 1999! He says it looks like the same mold, fungus or nasty odor. Catch the video and answer this. Would you it eat it?

David Whipple of Utah found a McDonald's hamburger, with the receipt, that he purchased 14 years ago in his coat pocket! Imagine his surprise when he realized that It didn't look any different than the day he bought it. He claims that the fast food burger looks the same as it did 14 years ago.

Whipple claims that there is no fungus, mold or odor on the aging burger, and that the only thing that seems wrong with the burger is that the pickle has disintegrated!

What does this tell you about the level of preservatives in the fast food that we eat? Would you eat this 14 year old burger? Does this make you look at fast food differently?