May is usually the month when the weather becomes conducive to outdoor activities in Michigan. That is also true in many other places, and that makes May a good month to get on your bicycle and ride! May is National Bike Month, and you are encouraged to park your car and ride for recreation, fitness and transportation.

I still have my old bike from when I was a kid. A 1972 Schwinn Super Sport 10 speed. I used to have a paper route, and with the money I earned, bought a nice bike. Sadly, our roads are in such deplorable condition that my vintage bicycle stays in the garage in favor of a mountain bike that I bought at a yard sale.

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get some exercise, and also a great way to get a closer look at the neighborhoods you live in and ride through.

Biking also is a great money saver. With the price of gasoline near $4 a gallon, using your bike for short trips around town can save you some real money.

National Bike to Work Week is May 14-18, with Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 18th. If you live within a reasonable distance of work, make plans to park the car and pedal to the job.

The inaugural Bike To School Day is May 9th. Encourage your kids to ride their bikes to get around. You may not have to be their taxi driver any more!

The Crim Fitness Foundation is one of the local agencies encouraging people to use alternative transportation, such as biking. Visit them at

For more tips and biking info, visit the League of American Bicyclists

The Friends of the Flint River Trail host Sunday afternoon bike rides starting at the Flint Farmer's Market at 2:00 pm. Their first ride of the season is this Sunday (May 6).

Ride safe, always wear a helmet. See you on the roads and trails!