Sometimes it's the things you didn't know, but find out later that are kind of interesting, like this story.

According to an article in this month’s Vanity Fair, eccentric superstars Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando were in New York to see a concert performance by their good friend Michael Jackson when the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 occurred. Fearing more terrorism, Jackson moved his entire entourage, which included Taylor and Brando, to New Jersey the day after the towers fell.

Read more after the jump.At that point, with all flights cancelled, Jackson rented a car, and headed West with Taylor and Brando in tow.

Apparently, the rotund Brando — who split the driving duties with Jackson — annoyed Jackson and Taylor with his insistence that they stop and get food at every roadside KFC and Burger King they passed. (Now that must have been a sight to see!)

The trio made it as far as Ohio, before finding other means to get themselves to California. I'll be t the whole thing kind of looked like a traveling circus.