If you are like me, you have a change jar. It's a place to put the extra nickles and dimes, and then you think of all the fun ways to spend it, right? I have never thought about paying off a traffic ticket, though, but sometimes you have no choice! Read the story after the jump.



We all look down on it. We hate to carry too much of it around. Change just doesn't have the same clout as cash! But it did come in handy for 24 year old college student Ted Nishcan. He was in a Fort Collins, CO courtroom to pay a $160 speeding ticket. They were not able to accept a credit card payment, so he did what he had to do to keep his license. Ted went home and counted out what had saved in his coin jar. He had just enough to pay the fine, but when he went to take the unrolled change in as payment, the court clerks turned him away. They pointed to a long standing policy that loose change is not an accepted form of payment for fines and fees. Says Ted "I was just aggravated. It's just the principal. It's real money." He claims that he was not being a wise guy, and because of his persistence, the court is revisiting their policies on acceptable forms of payments. Ted is happy with the changes and says "Hopefully more people who are broke like me can pay with their pocket change".


Way 'to get one over on the man' Ted! What do you think? Is loose change real money, or are you saving it for a rainy day?