Talk about a great story for the grand kids, if this guy would of tried to plan the proposal to happen the way it did, it wouldn't have gone this smooth. The Romeo's name is Josh Mullin and the bride to be is Ashley Baldwin, the action takes place at the Kansas City International Airport. Take the jump and watch cupid in action.


KMBC's Brenda Washington was doing a story for KMBC's "FirstNews"  on the cost of eating healthy from Kansas City International Airport.

Unbeknownst to her, Mullin was in the background nervously preparing to pop the question to Ashlee Baldwin, 20, of Springfield, Mo.

Mullin told Washington that he was flying into Kansas City to meet Baldwin and help her move back to Greeley, where she attends the University of Northern Colorado. Baldwin is majoring in elementary education. Mullin teaches second and third grade at a charter school in Greeley.

By the way, the couple said they are planning a small family wedding in September. Watch the proposal below.