If I got a ticket for every pot hole I tried to avoid this spring, I'd be in the poor house. How about you?

Cops in Rosemount, Minnesota gave a man a $128 ticket for trying to avoid pot holes. Allen Moe, the driver, says he's been swerving and making fast lane changes to avoid very rough patches on local streets for two years. "It shakes your vehicle so severely that you feel like your going over a landmine. It feels like it's going to tear my truck apart." He claims that the entire community does it to avoid damage to their vehicles.

He was charged with "Failure To Stay In His Lane" because officers thought that he was distracted by his cell phone.

The driver says that he will definitely fight the ticket, and it would appear that Rosemount's mayor is an unexpected ally. Mr. Mayor admits "That's what I do when I drive down this street also."

I don't have to remind you about the sad state of our local roads. What would you say to a cop that wanted to give you a ticket for swerving around some of our colossal pot holes?

More in the video below.