This is not your mom's Tupperware party!


North America's top selling Tupperware salesperson is a 6-foot, 5-inch man who dresses as "Aunt Barbara". Robert Suchan, 43 and a former social worker, began his career with Tupperware over a decade ago. Sales got off to a slow start he says because people didn't want to attend the parties. "Tupperware kind of had a reputation that people didn't want to go to the parties. They thought they were boring." Robert said in a recent interview. So he decided to combine his love of Tupperware and his love of acting into a character he named Aunt Barbara. The character is patterned after his real life aunt. Robert describes her as "very sassy, very outspoken, very bright, and just very forward." It took him 12 years to perfect "Aunt Barbara" but it's been well worth it. His Tupperware sales have earned him trips to Hawaii, a brand new Ford Mustang and up to $250,000 a year in commissions!

Did you have fun at your last Tupperware party? If you could make more money dressed as a member of the opposite sex, would you?