How many miles have you put on one car? This guy tops our list of getting the most out of a vehicle!

His name is Irv Gordon and he just keeps extending a record that he already owns.He has now put over three million miles on his 1966 Volvo P1800. He own the record for  the most miles driven by one person in a private individuals car. He set that mark in 1998 when his vehicle crossed the 1.69 million mile marker.


Irv Gordon, 74, loves his Volvo and he simply loves the driving experience. Here are his thoughts about the record:

It’s not about getting to the three million miles; it’s about the trips that got me to the three million miles. I never had a goal to get to one million, to two million. I just enjoyed driving and experiencing life through my Volvo.”

Gordon doesn't know how much farther he can take the record. “Not much will change. But whether I drive four million miles is more up to me than it is the car. The car may be able to take it, but I’m not so sure about me.”