63 year-old John St-Onge is a self described Lego "fanatic". He and his adult daughter planned, saved for and ultimately made the trip to Legoland Discovery Centre in Toronto.

Upon his arrival he was denied entry. See if you agree with the reason.

John St-Onge's love affair with Legos began when he played with the versatile building blocks with his children, and it continued into his adult life. Serious health problems keep him indoors most of the time, and he says that Legos give him a way to pass the time.

The Windsor, Ontario native was looking through travel brochures one day and was excited to see a pamphlet for Legoland Discovery Centre in Toronto. He and his adult daughter Nicole saved some money and planned for their trip, but on their big day they were denied entry into the park because of a park rule that states that all adults must be accompanied by a minor child.

John was devastated, says his daughter. "He felt discriminated against because he's a senior citizen who also happens to like Lego."

Lara Hannaford, marketing manager for the park, stands by the policy. She says "It is a child attraction so we do have this in place to protect the families and children that visit."

Do you agree with the park's policy, or is this going to far?